What do you think of Lady Thor?

people all over the world losing their shit over lady thor and chris hemsworth is like “lol ‘bout time mates ha ha”. shitting on ur whole life

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babes cursed by destiny

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The Evolution Of The Batman Logo till 2012. Check out all about the Batman’s 75 Anniversary on the corresponding DC Comics page.

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Storm #1


sailor moon graphic meme: [2/4] outers

↳haruka tenoh/sailor uranus

Let’s see…I’m not exactly sure what “ordinary” happiness would be, but I don’t think my current self is “abnormal.” What I am now is closest to my true self. That’s what I think. Haruka Tenoh, who fell in love with motor sports, can only live in this manner, no matter what she does. I have something more valuable than “ordinary” happiness.

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Thor + Dark World end credits

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One day, you’ll just be a memory to some people. Do your best to be a good one. —Unknown (via suspend)

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